Become a VIP

The VIP Program is a card based rewards program for our loyal customers.


How does it work?

Every item on the menu has a point value assigned to it and when you dine in or collect a takeaway you can swipe your card and the points get assigned to your card.  Once the points reach a certain value, we issue the reward!


Who's it for?

There are 2 parts of the program, our VIP Customers and our VIP Partners. The VIP Customers are those family or individuals that dine with us on a regular basis.

The VIP Partners are those Community Groups, Schools and Sporting Groups etc. that chose to participate in the program as a form of sponsorship support for their organisation.

What's the reward?

For VIP Customers, when you reach 500 points we will send you a Pinocchio $50 gift voucher.

For our VIP Partners, when you reach 5,000 points we will issue a $500 cheque donation towards the club or organisation.


How do I apply?

Simply fill in the form below….and next time you’re in the restaurant, let you waiter know and you can pick up your VIP card.

Alternatively, contact us on 03 9598 4188 and speak with one of the managers or email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Enter your details below to become a VIP member.